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  • Night Nurse

    Night Nurse


    Playful precode film with early Stanwyck and Gable features a lot of fun moments and a pretty good second half. By way of a lot of scenes of Stanwyck stripping down to her underwear, because it's a precode film.

    Stanwyck talks her way into being a nurse, and after graduating, takes a job as a night nurse for a local nob. She's caring for two little girls who are being starved to death by the chaffeur who is keeping their…

  • The Crucified Lovers

    The Crucified Lovers


    In another downbeat and dour social critique film from Mizoguchi, two people undeservedly are mistreated by the system to the point of capital punishment, as the title "Crucified Lovers" implies.

    But the titular lovers are not actually lovers, no, they're more a series of almost comical misunderstandings related to money loans results in them being percieved as lovers, parallel emergency flights and then being on the lam out of necessity. That all sounds so much more exciting than it actually…

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  • Dazed and Confused

    Dazed and Confused


    Linklater's rambling foray through the final days of a school year leading up to the end of year party situates a series of arche/stereo-types in a variety of circumstances all throughout their mileau. The environs of Texas in the late 70s makes you glad some things have changed (hazing is more frowned on, the age at which you can buy alcohol has gone up to 21) and that some things have stayed the same (kids want to get drunk, hang…

  • The Quiet Man

    The Quiet Man


    Fiercely romantic and stupendously beautiful, John Ford's ultimate Irish film is one of his absolute best. John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara make a magnificent couple and having Victor McLaglin in opposition to Wayne is a perfect touch.