Roma ★★★★½

Alfonso Cuaron's slowsterpiece is a beautiful, moving and impeccably lensed piece of small human drama caught in the larger sweep of events swirling by. The performances are terrific but the highlight is the continual tour-de-force camera moves and long takes that comprise the majority of the film, with two at the very end that are absolutely breathtaking, one a birth and one a near death. And unexpectedly, the funniest is the long take of the penis-flopping, naked kendo performance by the much too full of himself Fermin.

Really remarkable and well paced, but the self indulgence of the camera work also inhibits the pace and the flashyness of the camerawork continually draws one out of the film and redirects attention away from the performances so that we are instead marveling at the film-MAKING rather than being fully immersed the film itself.