Rocketman ★★★★

So many great tunes, so little screen-time

Taron Edgerton gives his all as Elton John in this musical biopic. His performance is layered, sympathetic, and enthralling to witness. I know Elton produced Rocketman, but I don't blame him for wanting the film to be personal, instead of a generic crowd-pleaser that sacrifices facts for entertainment. 

This movie is very entertaining though. Elton's songs are mixed into feel-good and show-stopping musical numbers that would make Stanley Donan proud. At times, I felt like I was listening to an Elton John greatest hits album and watching a Broadway musical. I think this film is accurate as well, can't confirm that but it appears to be. 

The supporting performance are all stellar as well. The visuals are beautiful, costumes are vibrant, and the soundtrack is amazing 😉. The visuals also seem eeriely similar to 2018's Bohemian Rhapsody. Maybe Fletcher directed the whole thing after all??? 
A couple of issues that prevent Rocketman from entering into great biopic territory. There are some awkward transitions from dialogue into song. There is some really clunky dialogue. The movie feels slightly overlong, but somehow still ends abruptly. It would've been nice to see some of his life after rehab, and with some tighter editing, we could've. 

Rocketman is an improvement over Bohemian Rhapsody (I actually enjoyed that film despite its issues) . It is more emotional and has more depth. An intriguing look into the eventful life of both a very talented man and a flawed man.

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