Chopping Mall ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.


•It’s been awhile and “Eek Channel” mentioned this so I had to revisit some good original ideas not effectivly executed. 
•This credits music lol. Jesus. 
•Forbidden World and Galaxy of Terror posters in background nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice
•Dude stomps on that gas pedal fast as fuck lol. 
•Ok I’m back, so how the fuck does the robot hit spot on target it’s first kill then can’t hit dick the rest of the movie lol. 
•Coke advertisement game is on fleet here. 
•Where did these guys learn to aim a gun? No wonder they can’t kill these fuckin things!!!
•Why does the nerdy MFS in 80s movies always gotta have a name like “Furdy”? 
•This chick stops right in the line of fire to scope shit out and I’m supposed to be surprised she got shot & killed? 
•Please don’t tell me the virgins are the only ones to survive. 
•So dude is alive the whole time while she fights this robot off herself??? I wish the end would be a close up of her after she sees he’s Alive and she says “Go fuck yourself” •FIN•

*So as I remember this movie isn’t as bad as the worst but far from the best. At some point in life I’m sure I’ll pry revisit it again. 
2 high fives outta 5