Wacko ★★★


•Here I am starting this on amazon prime and I can barely see the screen lol. You now feel the mood set haha. 
•A dead in his daughters window staring at her in her underwear? I may have messed up haha. 
•Goddamit why does George Kennedy have to be freaky deeky?
•Fat shlub wakes in his bed with clothes on and cigarette already in mouth. NICE
•breifcase to hold his coffee. That rules. 
•”one of your crazies excaped last night” “how did you know that”?
•(licks his finger wipes, on the window as if to examine evidence) “Dust”. Hahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHA. 
•I’m now fully invested in buying this badboy for sure!
•matches the dumb humor of Return of the Killer Tomatoes. I love this movie already.
•tell the chief what you told me. “I love black woman” hahHhHhHahhahhah
•dude sounds like a lawnmower when he gets excited hahaha. Stupid.  
•Harry Palms- Vice Principal- In Charge of Vice. Hahahahaha
•”you know my combination?” 
“It’s 13 13 13”
“Can you repeat that” hahaha. 
•Can I say once again I need to buy this movie.
•”Marge, you cant go into a tizzy every time someone throws a lawnmower through the window”
•FUCKING ANDREW DICE CLAY IS IN THIS??? I just realized it’s him.

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