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  • Elf-Man


    Watch it for Combs’ criminal mastermind that seem to be a mix of his Frighteners character Dammers and Harry from Home Alone.

    Stay for the occasional funny dialogue and gags. The tumbleweed was inspired 

    Yes you have to suffer through some bad acting, which sadly isn’t bad enough to be funny. But about half the cast is decent to good.

  • Karate Warrior 2

    Karate Warrior 2


    So much dumber than the first (if you can believe it) in all the right ways

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  • Dead Clowns

    Dead Clowns

    I’ve heard cruel people say this is just a cheap The Fog ripoff. This isn’t true, there’s barely any resemblance. Sure it has a supernatural force taking revenge on the town, but it’s during a hurricane which to my knowledge is a way different weather phenomenon than fog. Also the supernatural force is actually a bunch of clowns whose clown car fell into the water and drowned them all, so clowns not sailors. And lastly in The Fog it’s the 100th year anniversary, in this it’s the 50th, so totally different. Conclusion, no resemblance at all

  • Highlander II: The Quickening

    Highlander II: The Quickening


    First time for the renegade version