Tokyo Gore Police ★★★★

Ruka, a young cop whose father was killed during a celebration honoring the idea of privatizing the police force is part of the police squad that specializes in the finding and killing of “Engineers”. Engineers are people mutated with a tumor that resembles a key that allows its hosts the ability to grow weaponized body parts. Think of a body part that could be mutated into either a gun or a monster of some kind, and I do mean ANY body part, and you still have no idea what to expect from this movie.
Ruka's first fight with a man with a chainsaw arm that swings on a chain is a set piece battle that tells you that if you aren't in this movie in the first few minutes, you really need to just shut off, and if you are into it, it's probably best to just shut off anyway.

Tokyo Gore Police is one of the weirdest movies (I say this as a term of endearment) I have ever laid privy to. It would be like if David Cronenberg, Edgar Wright and Sam Raimi all at once took over a third of the film and came up with something that I am having a difficult time putting into words what it would be. The special effects are by themselves, really creative and simultaneously bizarre how they work. Trying to see these people walk around with a straight face (well, most of them) or even walk in most of them gave off echoes of how villains from the Power Rangers might walk around, and it makes the movie even more obscenely funny on top of just obscene.

I have some minor nitpicks here and there, chief among them that the character development is mostly just dead, but it's such a small thing when this much imagination, Hong Kong fire hose blood effects and craziness is going on in the movie. I also have an issue with the length of the film: At an hour and 50 minutes, the movie does border on overstaying its welcome. Perhaps if a few of the creative flourishes might have ended up being dropped, or the odd advertising seen throughout ala Robocop was maybe a little more toned down, I feel it might have come up the half star I want to give it, but then again, it's the reason why I enjoyed the movie so much as I have already.

In reality, this was a lot of fun. It's the sort of picture that like the key shaped tumors that unlock the crazy potential within its victims, this movie is enjoyed best by unlocking your brain from any sort of expectations and just letting yourself free. Tokyo Gore Police is the definition of Batshitsanity, when nothing makes much sense but you don't care enough to really worry about it, but it's not out of lack of interest, but to see what will happen next.