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  • Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror

    Queer for Fear: The History of Queer Horror

    i have to acknowledge that, as someone actively curating a very specific angle of queer horror history, i have a really weird, unique angle that i came into this docuseries with. my experience will not be yours.

    it’s a fine celebration of queer horror, but an abject failure of a documentary and bewilderingly shallow as an educational tool. it also egregiously fails it’s transsexual/non binary/viewers who are in any way outside of the cisgender classification in favor of glossing over everything with a vaguely “queer” sheen. it doesn’t even mention fucking sleepaway camp.

    full review on the trans horror patreon 

  • They/Them


    to quote the new york times review: slasher movies demand a certain willingness to be provocative, or even tasteless.

    that is why something like sleepaway camp will linger, and why they/them probably won’t last five years in the larger cultural memory. a film that feels devastatingly of-it’s-era, like most mainstream “social horrors” it teases ideas and themes that it is too toothless to actually engage with. liberals are seriously not to be trusted with trans horror if this and assassination nation are the best they have to offer. does not offend, does not take risks, and so it does not impact. 

    expanded thoughts.

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  • Bones and All

    Bones and All

    oh i have so many conflicting thoughts about this. but mainly i think this suffers in the way that most cannibal/monster films suffer, in that i am so much more interested in the more “monstrous” character than the ‘woe-is-me’ protagonist. taylor russell is alright as the autistic pixie dream girl, although i found chalamet infinitely more engaging; the themes are all there (it’s paradoxically more and less queer than you’re expecting it to be), but by the end of it…

  • Father's Day

    Father's Day

    put this on my watchlist last year because, to directly quote my thought process, “oh the dad from psycho goreman is in this. and he directed it! cool, looks gorey, why not” and i think i did this ass-backwards from the way everybody else seems to have been introduced to adam brooks and astron-6. fun time, though! trashy exploitation horror is only fun when it’s canadian-made  

    bonus points of endearment for leaving the obvious transphobic gag untouched on the table

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  • A Very English Scandal

    A Very English Scandal


    missed the brief handjob scene the first time around. glad i caught it on the rewatch with my mother.

  • Splatter



    *adds to the list of things i’ve seen before the godfather*