Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

“skywalker, still looking to the horizon”

the rewatch-with-coley series finally ends after a few months gap between force awakens and this babey! 🥴

i genuinely don’t remember if i’ve seen this movie since theaters, at least all the way through. and it’s been so long since i’ve seen any last jedi-specific discourse that i kind of went into significantly more neutral than i would’ve been any number of months ago.

talking about it with my friends, i really love what this movie does. i love what it does for finn, for luke’s character, i love its look at what it means to have a legacy and all its positive and negative aspects. the silly/bad parts are noticeable, but they’re noticeable in every star wars movie— this is not the first time i’ve seen slave children get ignored by the heroes or makeup be too obvious where it shouldn’t be in these films.

not to sound like those people, but mark hamill should’ve won something for this. he puts so much effort and passion back into luke and i adored every second he was on screen. i loved this movie and laughing about all the stupid stuff people say to hate on it.

kylo, in response to rey’s ‘you are a monster’: yes i am
me: bendemption omg the reylos were right 😫

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