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  • Thesis
  • The Day I Became a Woman
  • Agatha and the Limitless Readings
  • The Fifth Seal

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  • Hana & Alice

    Hana & Alice

    sweet, warm, with the simultaneous lightness and intensity of youth, one moment giggling and one moment despairing. I think Love Letter still clears as my favorite Iwai, but I'm deeply impressed by his talent, his lyrical interludes that, well, are cinema, so to speak

    in high school my friend's boyfriend actually got amnesia (later recovered, much sillier than here) and our dipshit gov teacher made some joke about it and she got him in some pretty hot water for it

  • A Tale of Autumn

    A Tale of Autumn

    the most Hollywood Rohmer ever got - the American remake with Marisa Tomei or whoever clears 400 million easily. I was hooked, his usual easygoing conversational style carrying the plot with grace and charm. insane he was like 78 making this, clearly the work of a man who understands both age and youth

    (but damn that's crazy that this was just like My Tinder with Andre [2021])

Popular reviews

  • My Tinder with Andre

    My Tinder with Andre

    after an ~extended~ editing period that involved two or three broken monitors and one complete drive failure, this movie, my second feature that I usually refer to as "the Tinder movie" for short, is finally complete. thanks of course to everyone involved, but particularly eleventh hour shouts out to sound mixer extraordinaire Charlie Moody. on to the festivals

    and I know I'm often my harshest critic, and I've lived in this movie ever since I started writing it four (five?…

  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion

    pretty solid aside from the character writing, joke writing, and mystery writing