Batman: The Killing Joke ★½

Only Mark Hamill shines through this otherwise ugly, disjointed, rank disappointment that totally dishonors and strips the original source of all its weight. The fact that they charged Fathom ticket prices for this scant snore back in the day should have been a punishable offense - sitting at barely 72 minutes, this feels more like it lasted 72 hours with some of the ugliest animation and horrid audio work the Batman animated saga has to offer. What the fuck were they thinking with that Barbara Gordon subplot in this?? Not only did it not fit at all and stick out like a sore thumb in general, but holy *hell* is it problematic and just overall garish. Kevin Conroy is almost as bored during his voice work in this than I was watching it, and the ending is the most iconic part of the comic - how the fuck do you manage to screw even that up? An otherwise gift-wrapped safe guarantee right there?? Awful.