A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

I was pretty excited to see this, given how good the original movie was, and how it took over a year for this one to release. I was a bit worried because even though the original does set up a sequel in its ending, it felt very concrete and resolved as a story.

I do think the original movie is stronger, but this sequel did a pretty good job at maintaining that energy the first one had. Just having this greater focus on imagery and sound as opposed to dialogue, which is forced onto it because of the concept, is really well done and it shows off how John Krasinski is a really solid director. The way some of the scenes in this are shot and the way he paces out tension in scenes is really similar to Spielberg. That opening scene in particular was so well done and built the tension wonderfully.

I think a lot of the horror is still solid. Like there's a fair few jumpscares, but that's fine because they were pretty much all built up effectively, and plenty of the terror and anxiety comes from these long scenes of silence where any noise just instantly puts you on edge. I would've still liked less music because sometimes it's a lot, but still it's a pretty effective horror.

The biggest issue is still the script. Like yeah there's some plot holes and weird contrivances, but like those are not huge issues. My big issue with it is that the movie splits the family up, and it becomes a bit unbalanced because of that. One half of it is this journey movie where actual character growth and development happens and the plot moves forward, and the other half leaves the characters with not a lot to do, in a situation that feels contrived in order to add conflict, with very little story relevance. Like I'm fine with the movie branching off to these A and B plots, but it's just the way that the B plot is so passive and the A plot is where the real interesting stuff happens, and both are treated with the same level of importance.

Also the ending is weird. Like I really liked that whole final scene, it was able to really bring to head the themes of this movie in a great way. But after that scene it just ends and it did feel a little jarring to cut to credits right there, it feels much more like set up for a sequel than the first one.

Regardless though I still really liked this, again I'd prefer the first one but I think this delivered on what a Quiet Place sequel could do.

Also, to the group of teenagers in the back corner throwing popcorn and the two people who decided to say "fuck social distancing" and sit almost directly in front of me, I wish you all a very fuck off

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