Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★★

Fuck man, I love this movie. It's such a bleak, rough, downward spiral of a man who is lost and miserable and unsuccessful, the movie looks and feels super muted... and yet it is god damn hilarious too.

The Coen Brothers nail this tonal balance, it's able to maintain it's witty tone and the tragic tale of Llewyn Davis' depression, which is all brilliantly portayed by Oscar Isaac, who is perfect here and nails this suave asshole and the underlying misery underneath. He's a character who is constantly self-destructive and hops around place to place, severing relationships as he does so.

It's a movie that's focused on this one character and his journey, but it's not a journey with any real goal other than surviving. And on that journey there's so many great, fun characters that show up. Carey Mulligan just shows up to call Oscar Isaac an asshole 40 times, John Goodman shows up for 20 minutes with a dumbass haircut, F. Murray Abraham sits and says shit bluntly, Justin Timberlake comes in looking cute as shit and singing some songs, Adam Driver says "oUtEr....SPaCe". It's a cast full of talented actors but none of them overstay their welcome or outshine the real focus here which is Llewyn Davis and his struggle to cope in the world.

The Coens script and direction is perfect and it's tonally perfect, it's tone is so melancholic, their dialogue back and forths are so well written but the performances make them feel natural and unscripted within the moment, it's phenominal.

Also, the songs fucking S L A P. The singing, the lyrics, it all sounds incredible and evokes so much emotion.

It's just a movie that captures this melancholia so well and exemplifies the feeling of being completely lost in the world so beautifully and poignantly.

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Recommended by Cal

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