Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★½

I didn't want to say anything, because it's so overdone, but god damn this man do love feet, to a distracting degree.

Anyway, this movie fucking slaps. It's not top tier Tarantino, but it's still so much damn fun. It's a love letter to the late 60's, idealised, classic Hollywood. From the movies, to the actors, to the location, there's a deep love for all of this, and it's a celebration of this era. It's constantly cutting to film footage inspired by the era. It's made with a clear love for everything in it (except the Manson family though, fuck them)

It plays on this idea of film being a medium for escapism and the power and influence it holds on the audience and the people behind them. 

It's not really a plot-driven movie. It's mostly takes place over like a couple of days, with the characters just, doin shit. But that leads to so many fun little moments. There's the scenes with Rick Dalton behind the scenes trying to cope with not being the leading man anymore, which to me was the strongest plot-line of the film. It leads to a lot of great scenes, and gives Leo a chance to shine and give one of his best performances.

Brat Pitt's storyline was a bit more all over the place, but still great. His character was probably my favorite, comedic Brad Pitt is best Brad Pitt. His performance is so much fun, even if his story zips aroundvall over the place, whereas Rick Dolton is kinda contained in one area. But he still has some great scenes. The scene with him at the farm was one of my favorites in the film, as well as his fight with Bruce Lee.

Sharon Tate's role in the story is kind of background to Rick and Cliff's, however it's still an important part of the movie, in exemplifying this love of classic Hollywood, and Margot Robbie is great of course, even with her kinda minimalised role.

Tarantinos script is obviously great. So many scenes are just driven by his fun dialogue and this fun direction. I don't know exactly why Cliff Booth feeding his dog is so enjoyable, but it just is. Tarantino likes drawing out his movies a lot, but because of his great screenplay, it never faulters.

The production design is sublime. It just deeply immerses you in this world, in a magical kinda way, and the cinematography just flexes how great this production design is by panning through it all like it's nothing.

It's not a perfect film. Sometimes it's aimlessness feels like a detriment rather than a strength, sometimes it feels a bit too aimless, like some parts don't lead to anything at points. It's a Tarantino movie, so of course it does feel overly elongated, has a huge ensemble of characters, and god damn dude, the feet are literally distracting at some points.

But yeah, great movie. The third act is just... fantastic. The movie is a combination of both old and new Tarantino in the best of ways. It's a blast

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