Signs ★★★★

Oh, so THATS why everyone used to love Shyamalan!

I had only ever seen Split, and I've seen clips from his true masterpiece, The Lady in the Water and The Visit. So I've not really seen any of his old classics that make him so beloved.

I loved this movie. His direction is so god damn good. It's intresting, it's shot really well, the way he builds suspense and tension through shots and pacing and sound design is masterful.

It's got some cheesy dialogue here and there, the acting is sometimes eh (it's mostly great though) and I'm not really sure what I think about the third act.

But it's such a great, tension filled, slow sci-fi family drama that I really liked. I wish Shyamalan was making more of this type stuff, but it seems like he's stopped being good

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