Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ½

When Martin Scorsese compared superhero movies to theme parks, it was clear that we was living in a pre-Space Jam 2 world.

Space Jam 2 is like the worst fucking thing I've ever experienced and that might not be a joke. This is exactly what everyone worried The Lego Movie would be. It clearly wants to be like The Lego Movie, but HORRIBLY HORRIBLY MISSES THE MARK.

Every single element of this movie is such a blatant advertisement. They constantly talk about Warner Bros intellectual properties, they insert Loony Tunes characters into movies like The Matrix and Mad Max. They constantly talk about how cool Warner Bros properties are. Nothing about it is, funny, its some of the worst reference humour I've ever seen. It really reminds me of Ready Player One, with the whole scene where all the characters and references are in a huge crowd. It's pure manipulation using references and current internet talks.
It's also an ad for the NBA, with a bunch of players making cameos.

It's also advertising the soundtrack album, which they CONSTANTLY (and I really mean that) play over everything. It doesn't fit in the slightest, I was not sitting here like "Dude I like Loony Tunes, but I wish it had more Lil Uzi Vert in it", its so transparent as a way to sell a soundtrack album.

It's an advert! The original movie was based on an advert, this new movie is just a marketing scheme. For Warner Bros, for the soundtrack album, for Lebron James, for the tie-in videogame which when doing research I just found out existed. For the past month every time I go to see a god damn movie in cinemas, there's like 8 ads for Space Jam 2 before the movie. The movie is almost irrelevant, it doesn't matter.

It is so bad, like even beyond the blatant ads, it is not a good comedy. It gives so little shits about the Loony Toons characters, like the 2D animation is embarrassingly cheap and the fact they then become CGI is so lame. It doesn't get the Loony Tunes comedy. The Bugs Bunny voice just sounds SOOO off.
But the comedy is so bad, literally its painful to my soul, there is not a single joke that works (bar one joke about a cameo that like is very obvious and not clever). It's got so much cringe internet humour and bad references and just lame jokes.

The attempts at making a real story, about characters and emotions, just doesn't work because its fundamentally soulless. The writing is so poor and the acting is so unbelievably lame.

It has to be said that the original Space Jam is not a very good movie, like lets be completely honest, it's not good people just have nostalgia for it. At the very least tho, it is somewhat funny and does feel like an actual basketball x Loony Tunes mashup, this is just kinda cringe bro. Actually pretty funny bad, but bad none the less.

but like it does have a rick and morty cameo so it might actually be a work of genius

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