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This review may contain spoilers.

Michael Douglas is a gamer confirmed.

This was probably going to end up being Finchers weakest film, but for your weakest film to still be pretty great is a testiment to his direction. The Game is a very thrilling mystery movie where Michael Douglas signs up for a strange game created by a organisation who put him through absolute psychological torment in order to learn how to be a better person? And he's just FINE WITH THAT?! Motherfucker, I'd have trust issues for the rest of my life how the hell can you brush that off, what?!

But yeah it's solidly entertaining throughout. Michael Douglas gives a great performance, the script has fun quippy moments, and the sense of paranoia and distrust becomes rampant throughout the story.

It's pretty good. Not the greatest thing in the world, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.

Mouse Hunt #3 - 1. A film that features a birthday party