Spider-Man ★★★★½

Is this a very generous ranking? Yes, but I believe it's worthy.

Spider-Man (2002) is just the perfect action movie. The start is filled with good dialogue, a great plot with a sub-plot, and a phenomenal lead protagonist and antagonist. The dialogue-action ratio is perfect, the subtle comedy is spectacular, and the irony showcased is something very rare in films. The writing, although inspired by a comic is perfect, and the movie is executed well.

No, this movie is not elite, yet I find there no way to drastically improve this film with keeping to the restraints of a superhero movie. Yes, the nuances are evident, and a ranking of 4 stars is very justified, and likely more appropriate, but this film is just so fun and awesome. The excitement of Peter achieving the recognition of his childhood crush, to seeing all the worldwide gifs, memes, scenes, and quotes play out, and just the overall thrill of the movie kept me upbeat throughout the movie. This was the second movie I watched tonight, and I was more excited throughout this movie than I was with the first.

I understand the criticism of this movie, yet I am willing to subside it to give this movie the uncommon 5/5 stars. I mean, it's the beginning of one of the greatest movie franchises ever. Everything about this movie is either good, or great, and most of it was great. The Green Gobble gave a tremendous performance, and who doesn't just love Tobey Maguire? The acting overall, dialogue, and overall execution of the film could've been more sophisticated, yet this movie is everything it needed to be, plus more.

DC > Marvel, still

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