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This review may contain spoilers.

As King of urban beauty,Poet Laureate of the freeway overpass,Michael Mann just lost his crown to Terrence Malick.
Never has Downtown LA looked so gorgeous.Glittering castles of capitalist greed shimmering on the horizon.Curved walls and ceilings of freeway tunnels bathed in the glow of man-made phosphorescence.
Anyone familiar with Malicks' work is accustomed to his use of the Natural World to emphasise a dream-state reality,the ethereal beauty and wonder of the world around us.
In To The Wonder,Malick uses slow,lingering shots of vast skies and endless horizons.This serves two purposes;it shows Mans' smallness and irrelevance in relation to the world around us,and also serves to juxtapose the moral dilemmas of faith: if God can create this,why allow such suffering?
In Knight Of Cups,Malick turns his attention to Man and the world we have created and poses an alternate view;not 'what has God created and why,but what has Man created and why?'
In To The Wonder Malick asks us to consider ' what is the meaning of life? and,for me,the answer is love.
In Knight Of Cups,Malick asks 'what is the purpose of life?'.
Watching this left me with the feeling that Malick has been inside my head.Reading my thoughts and stealing my conversations with friends.
As I get older I frequently question the reason for my existence.My life serves no noble purpose,probably no purpose at all if I'm to be completely honest.Don't get me wrong,I'm not depressed or unhappy,and I live what I consider to be a small life,mostly spent in retreat from a world I have never felt I fitted into,but a life filled with wonder and natural beauty and sometimes,love.

'You gave me what the world can't give;Mercy,Love,Joy'

Maybe that's the purpose of life.

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