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  • Dim the Fluorescents

    Dim the Fluorescents


    With his debut feature Dim the Fluorescents, Toronto filmmaker Daniel Warth has created an astonishing calling card – an earnest and entertaining celebration of process and performance, not to mention a tremendous showcase for two homegrown actors on the cusp of greatness.

    The film focuses on Lillian (Naomi Skwarna) and Audrey (Claire Armstrong), a playwright and aspiring actor, respectively, struggling to make a living by putting on stark corporate demonstrations, elucidating topics ranging from customer-service techniques to grisly workplace injuries. “Everything we do is special,” Lillian says, and it’s true...

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  • The Star

    The Star


    In Sony Animation's new faith-based holiday film, a star is bored. Helmed by animator and filmmaker Timothy Reckart, The Star puts a glossy, computer-animated new spin on the nativity of Jesus for religious moviegoers and a generation coming of age during a regressive American administration.

    Giving voice to the animals on the sidelines of The Greatest Story Ever Told, the film is a tale of proxies and vessels wandering the desert toward a star, told from the point of view…

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