The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

It isn't flawless. It's very, very good, nearly perfect, in fact but something is off. Leonardo Dicaprio is, as usual, pretty damn good, in parts he's astonishing, the supporting cast is great, Jonah Hill proves he's not just a flash in the pan and Shane out of the Walking Dead is memorable. It doesn't seem like a 3 hour film, it's flies, in that clever Scorsese way, where he makes every second count. The story is extraordinary, it's shocking, even now after all the bank crashes and scandals, there are some real oh em gee moments. Jordan Belford is probably one of the nastiest most objectionable characters I've ever watched, but you actually end up sympathising with him, you start to think like his staff, you can see how his employees were swept up, it was a personality cult, Nuremberg rallies, you couldn't blame anyone for going along with it, even the greedy victims on the phone. But it is a bit off somewhere. It all rings a bit hollow. I loved it, I did. It was hilarious, it was exhilarating but I feel a bit weird, I know it's probably the point but I feel sort of grimy. I feel all fake. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to say something more useful, sleep on it, I suppose.

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