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  • Fitzcarraldo



    Absolutely one of my favourite films. The high point of the Herzog/Kinski dream team if you ask me. Which you didn't but I still believe it anyway. Incredible descent in to madness. Cast of hundreds. Almost documentary-like in parts... but just absolutely compelling, the contagious passion of a driven man.

  • Anyone Can Play Guitar

    Anyone Can Play Guitar


    Anyone can Play Guitar is simply one of the most touching music docs - or maybe any doc - I've seen. The history and intricacies of the Oxford music scene, from the last days of punk right up until now are detailed emotionally and honestly by those who tried and failed, those who made it, and everyone in between.

    Having helped with some of the typography in this film, I've been lucky enough to see it a few times now…

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  • The Darjeeling Limited

    The Darjeeling Limited


    Classic typical Wes Anderson. All the ingredients you need are there. Colours. People with no real job. Vintage/timeless outfits. Bill Murray. People trying to 'find themselves'. And most importantly, Jason Schwartzman. Oh, Jason. Ahem. Anyway. Yes. You've probably seen this so I shan't bang on about the sublime directing, or the crafty set production techniques that went in to setting most of the film on a train. This film takes me to India. It puts me on the train with…

  • Caché



    Deeply unsettling psychological 'thriller' - although low on actual thrills, high on Hitchcockian suspense.

    A family receives mysterious videotapes of hours of footage of the front of their home. Whilst trying to discover where they are coming from, the fabric of their family life (past and present) begins to unravel. Unsettling and chilling but in ways that you can't quite put your finger on. The intrusion that the tapes have on their lives matches the feeling you have by intruding on them as a viewer - a theme that runs through most of the various bits of story, too.