Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★½

Oscar Best Picture Nominee #5/8

Another film that shows us what it is like to be different to the norm but unlike others - aims to smash the idea that this particular difference is a deficiency or as Raci's Joe says in the film, a handicap.

The story was solid and the sound editing in the film immersed me completely in what was a multi-sensory experience - with aspects of the film making me feel intentionally uncomfortable.

As many have said, Riz Ahmed is absolutely tremendous and displays not only the physical turmoil that Ruben is going through but the emotional distress too - he'd be well worth the nod for best actor.

Overall - I cannot lie and say that I was hooked and absorbed all the way through the 2 hour runtime but that is not to say I do not appreciate what is a very impressive piece of film-making and storytelling.