8MM ★★½

Journey To The Cage

Nic Cage as an Private Investigator who slowly falls into a world of distain and terror in pursuit of a case. The elements are all there. There are moments of really strong writing, really strong acting, and some decent twists. And while using BDSM as a villainous tactic like a lot of horror films, 8mm takes the extra step to differentiate between untoxic and toxic BDSM, so I definitely appreciate that.

The film is sadly way to fucking long. There are long sequences of monologues or back and forth dialogues that just don't end up adding up to anything worth keeping in. What's unfortunate is a lot of these come from Nic Cages interaction with Joaquin Pheonixs character, which is a shame because he plays the role of Max California really well. But a lot of his character is just thrown aside and mishandled at various places in the film. It really would have been nice if the writing for him was stronger.

The soundtrack is intense and unique, with artists like Aphex Twin and others like him providing a sountrack consisting mostly of industrial and ambient techno. But while I like the soundtrack as a group of songs, a lot of them don't fit the scenes in which they are placed, causing scenes to feel more like a high school students music video project than a properly edited theatrical release.

Definitely could find many worse Nic Cage films, but a lot to the production of the film leaves it to rot in monotony and overwhelming averageness.