A Beautiful Mind ★★★½

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There is a turning point in A Beautiful Mind. If you have seen it or know anything about its subject matter you know the point I am speaking of. At that point the film goes from being a pretty average movie, and then flips it on its head and becomes undeniably great.

The second half of this film is full of brilliant performances, not just from Crowe but also an especially harrowing performance by Connelly in one scene in particular. The script gets better, the shots get better, and the tension builds incredibly well.

The lead up to these events is disappointing to say the least. It really seems like two seperate movies were made, and one of them happens to be a pretty middle of the road affair and the other is so brilliant it makes the first half suffer a little more. I still really enjoyed my time with A Beautiful Mind and can definitely recommend it, but god I wish the production was as brilliant in the first half as in the second.