Aziz Ansari: Right Now ★★

2019 Ranked

Aziz gets so close to saying profound things in this special that when he falls short its all the more disappointing. I used to love his comedic acting and his other comedy specials are really good. But Right Now is something that just doesn't work.

He opens it talking about the sexual misconduct claims brought up against them and speaks about his personal journey towards becoming a better person. This gave me hope that he legitimately was moving forward, until he crammed probably about half of his special with jokes about R. Kelly and Michael Jackson. And it's one thing to make jokes about trauma and awful things that have happened. I'm generally okay with it if you do it in a compassionate enough manner. But the overuse of the term "if this thing really happened" when referring to the allegations against Michael Jackson are pretty fucking gross to listen to and severely drag down the rest of the show.

Even without that section, the jokes just aren't as funny as they used to be. It isn't terrible I guess, but the vast majority of it is just Aziz joking about wokeness, without actually understanding about half the things he is talking about. There are some great criticisms he does say, but then immediately after says something pretty dumb. So I would pass on this one.

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