Boyz n the Hood ★★★½

Weekly Film Club Vol. 14

Boyz n the Hood was always a film that I had heard about, not just as something that helped to propel Ice Cube into being seen as a serious actor and a man of diversified talents, but as a film integral to Black Cinema. And I can definitely see where all that comes from. It is a very good film. Incredibly strong performances by the 3 lead men, as well as Laurence Fishburne.

The film isn't one without flaws. In fact there are a number of them. The dialogue can lean a little too heavy on the preachy side of things. The perfect example is when Laurence Fishburne's character drives them into Compton just too pull up into a lot for sale and talk to them all about gentrification. That in itself was fine, but then random people started gathering to listen to this random guys ramblings on gentrification. It was just a bit much. That was the most obvious example of the preachy dialogue, but there were other moments as well, just not as bad.

The film also felt as if it were abandoning some things closely related to its characters until a time came where they could easily use it. It wasn't too bad, but things like not having Ricky's child or girlfriend around like at all unless the scene demanded them for plot sake was just a little strange and seemed like the film was taking the easy way out.

But man, even with the problems, the film was a really good watch. The cinematography wasn't anything special until the parking lot scene at the end of the film. I love that scene so much. Bleeding with tension and extremely raw with emotion. And that is when the film was at its best. An extremely emotional look into young black mens lives and how they are affected by those around them and by their financial situations. Definitely watch this film. RIP John Singleton.