Coco ★★★★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 13

I think I fall in complete love with a Disney animated film about every 8 or so years. Lilo & Stitch, Wall-E, and Coco. All films I would die for. And yes I cried a lot at Coco. Probably because it deals with similar themes from Lilo & Stitch of family and brokenness. I love movies about broken families I guess.

The soundtrack as well is full of beautiful gems, and I love that they were all recorded in both english and spanish. They are able to capture the same tones with each version, and both are phenomenal. As we grow as a society and as film becomes more culturally aware, it is really great to see people of color portraying their ancestry in film, both live action and animated. I think for too long white people got a pass for playing people of color as long as it was animated, but that is still disingenuous to the culture and I am glad is being done away with now.

Remember Me also has a really great arc as its own song. Each iteration just keeps getting sadder and sadder until it leaves me on the floor a complete mess. So if you want a truly wonderful Disney film with great voice acting, gorgeous animation, some killer tunes, and a really great world that is painstakingly crafted, look no further.

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