Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

Series: Dragon Ball Ranked

This movie felt like it was three hours long. The fight scenes drug out and weren't very interesting, even if they were well animated. I have seen a few animated films and series that forget that you not only need good animation but choreography to make battles entertaining, and most of the battles in Resurrection 'F' were very boring.

Frieza is one of the weaker villains in my opinion, not from a power perspective but from a character perspective. He's actively obnoxious in this film however and the explanation that he just "never trained" is an attack on the viewers intelligence. Also his new form, Golden Frieza, looks terrible. I don't know who decided that that shade of gold went with that shade of purple, but they should be in prison.

I did like seeing a slimmer Gohan in his track suit and there were a few character moments that were fun. On top of that I enjoyed Whis exponentionally more in this film than in Battle of Gods. However, the rest of the film is just complete garbage in my opinion and makes me retroactively enjoy Battle of Gods a bit more.

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