Enter the Dragon ★★½

Weekly Film Club Vol. 12

I am always very wary of watching American action movies from the 70s and 80s, just because I think they were still trying to find their footing and a lot of missteps came from it, yet they still became successful off of the backs of their stars, such as Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. All of my fears came to fruition with Enter the Dragon.

I think I like what Enter the Dragon did for the world much more than the actual movie. The films and series it would go on to influence are numerous, but the film itself is relatively boring. Bad dialogue and focus on two characters I cared very little about. Instead of making the sole focus on Bruce Lee, they split the time between him and two other non Asian actors. Here is where another problem arises. The vast majority of the interactions, people, and fighters in the film are Asian, but they introduce three non Asian people into the mix, two of whom just happen to be stronger than every other person in the film. It is fine to have a diverse cast, but making the only non Asian people stronger than everyone else is disingenuous, dumb, and a tad bit racist.

Not a lot else to say about it. Bruce Lee was great, and there was some good fight scenes, but there was also just as many dumb fight scenes that had no entertainment value. Pretty mixed bag overall.

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