Guess Who's Coming to Dinner ★★★★

Poitier I guess was just the shining light for hope for Black people in the 60s to 80s. First A Patch of Blue, now this, each film cementing him as a great actor and his films as great watches.

While there was a couple of really weird things about the film that seem extremely dated, like the line implying it isn't a real marriage unless you have kids, or the fact they were hoping to get married after 11 days of knowing each other. However once you look past these things, everything else in the film is extremely ahead of its time.

Some really great monologues by characters. Practically every character gets their time to shine. My personal favorite was the final monologue and the rant Poitier goes on to his father. Chills went down my spine during that one. I definitely think everyone should watch this film.