Klaus ★★★½

Year: 2019 Ranked

The animation in this film is jaw dropping. Practically every scene in the film had me admiring the sheer beauty in it, and there is a ton of creativity visually in each scene as well. One of the most stunning animated films I have seen this year. A few of the large shots of the landscape of the island or of the sun had me audibly gasp at the majestic nature of them.

On top of that, the voice acting is phenomenal. The entire leading cast does a fantastic job, and even though I had never pictured JK Simmons as the Santa Clause type before, I now think it was fantastix casting.

My only real problem with the film is how seemingly uninspired the actual narrative was in the film. Its just a very tried and true formula, mixed in with a few funny jokes here and there. I also was really not a fan of the lead character for quite a bit of the film. He was lacking so much uniqueness that from the very beginning his persona was practically just Kuzco from The Emporers New Groove. He had some great scenes, I just really wish they could have put some of that visual creativity into the writing of the characters.

Anyway I don't even like Christmas but you should watch this film this Holiday season.

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