Kung Fury ★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 12

There was a point in my life where I did like Kung Fury. That point was 2015. But my tastes have changed in 4 years and a lot of the film just doesn't work for me anymore. I do like the aesthetic of the world it portrays, but everything that happens in the world just turns out shit.

For being only 30 minutes, there is a lot of useless content in the film. This time around I found myself really not enjoyimg the Jurassic age of the film, and just counting the few minutes until it was over. And it also exhibits what is probably my least favorite part of the film. I find most of the humor to just be way too "lol random" for my taste. I don't necessarily dislike hunor that comes of left field suddenly or anything like that, but I do prefer if they are extremely funny or so painfully unfunny that it then loops back around to being funny. Kung Fury has a lot of humor that 17 year old me would probably like, but big boy 21 year old me just can't get behind anymore. Oh well, I guess my taste has changed and that's alright.

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