Lilo & Stitch ★★★★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 13

This is the best Disney has ever had to offer. Beautiful morals, touching characters, hilarious moments, and incredible animation. It also made me realize just how homesick I am.

Lilo & Stitch has always been close to me as a film. But this time around it hit me so much harder. Because I haven't sat down and watched it in so long. Before my family became broken. Before I learned what family meant to me. And before I left Hawaii. So all of the morals and themes of the film really ended up hitting me so much harder than I thought they would.

I also love the world of Lilo & Stitch. Nani, Lilo, and David's outfits are all spot on, but even random characters like the old grandma working at her produce stand or the hula kumu are so fucking great. And then I'm the complete opposite end of realism, I am in love with the alien designs in the film and the various spin off properties. Gantu, Jumba, Pleekley are all fantastic. I love the world of this movie so much.

I'm gonna go cry thinking about my ohana again, byeeeeee.

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