Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…Β½

Series: Lupin the Third Ranked

πŸ”₯ Everyone in this movie πŸ”₯
πŸ”₯ -----is fucking SEXY------πŸ”₯

So glad I'm back to watching more Lupin. The vast majority of the movies I have seen of the series have been extremely fun and very memorable. I was just a tad worried with the shift to 3D animation. It looked amazing, but I was afraid some of the soul and personality of the series would be lost in that translation.

I was wrong. This movie isn't just an incredible translation into a new form, but it may be the best Lupin movie I have seen thus far. The storytelling, while structured in a common way, is utilized perfectly to reintroduce the characters to both old and new audiences and to give them all their signature defining traits. In a lot of Lupin movies, it seems that either Jigen or Goemon get the pushed aside to focus more on the other, but the focal point of The First is so clearly zoomed out to allocate enough time for every member to have a truly worthwhile moment.

The plot is at times generic, but always fun, compelling, easy to follow, and has a decent amount of twists for the characters in it. It's twists are very obvious to the viewer, but I don't really care about that. The vast majority of films have predictable twists if they are present at all, so I am much more interested in how the films characters interact and discover these twists than how I do the same. And the twists do provide some very entertaining character moments, especially for Laetitia, the new character in the film. She's actually a lot better than I was expecting, and the back and forth she has with a lot of the characters was super well written.

And I think that's why I can get over the story being a tad generic. It still has super bombastic moments, its climax is fucking awesome, and the writing, the beautiful hilarious writing I love so much in this series is intact. I can watch any story with these characters if they are written well, and the dialogue in this movie was pretty strong. Nothing mind blowing, but very strong and very very funny. In addition to the great writing and the absolutely stunning animation, the music was fucking killer as well. I really like the heavily Jazz inspired tunes that Lupin products usually crank out, but a lot of the score was really hitting differently in this movie. Most of the behind the scenes stuff was really hitting overdrive and it made the movie even more exceptionally fun.

It's a Lupin movie above all. That soul is undying. Those concepts unflinching. Lupin III is a fucking amazing series, and these movies are incredible. I had so much fun with this movie, and I couldn't stop smiling as I watched it. The move to 3D was great, so I am perfectly happy with any direction they take the series from now on. I will be there, ready to go on another adventure. Always.

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