Moana ★★★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 13

Moana was an amazing experience when I saw it in theatres. I always love to see not just a great aniamted film, but one almost completely starring Polynesians. Moana was that. When me and my girlfriend left the theatre we were sobbing uncontrollably.

I think some of the enjoyment came from the pure spectacle of a new Disney IP with a completely Polynesian cast. However, even after sitting on the film for nearly three years and getting to rewatch it numerous times, I still adore the film. The animation is crisp and beautiful, and you will not see better animated water in any film. Absolutely breathtaking, which is great because you will see a lot of water in the film.

I also really enjoyed the music for the majority of the film. Beautifully performed and with some great instrumentation, I think that Moana's soundtrack holds up exceedingly well.

I do think the arc with the coconut people was a little out of left field. And I think that the turmoil the relationship between Moana and Maui go through near the end of the film was also unnecessary, unneeded, and all together pointless.

But even with all the strange pacing and wierd storytelling choices, I still think Moana is a truly great film everyone should try to watch as soon as possible.

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