Year: 2021 Ranked

Seen a lot of comments about how much better this movie would be if it followed any of the side characters instead of Vivian, and I kind of disagree with that statement. Moxie has a very closed off view of feminism, it's a white washed privileged outlook on it that is mostly just a veil for a movie about a teen with confidence problems. If it were following any of the other characters for more than a minute or two at a time, it would be coming extremely obvious how awful the writing is for all of the supporting cast. It would also be abundantly clear that it was adapted for the screen by two white women based on a book by a white woman. So I'm fine with Vivian being the lead, because then I don't have to be reminded every moment how horrendous the movies script is towards People of Color.

Every single person of color in this movie is used as a support for Vivian, and they do not have a single bit of personality outside of that and one key defining trait that they are harassed for. Claudia is a 2nd generation immigrant with a overbearing mother, Lucy is from out of town and is the catalyst for Vivian's revolt, CJ is trans, Kaitlynn has big boobs and is constantly being objectified. The issue isn't that these characters have these backstories, the issue is that it's their only fucking story. Moxie may be one of the most disingenuous movies I have seen in a decent chunk of time. It's rampant tokenism of every single group that isn't straight white people is leagues worse than I thought possible, and it never culminates in anything interesting. There is no reason for such a large cast, there is no grand moment of intersectional feminism where characters seem to actually understand each other. The movie sure wants you to believe the final scene of the film is this, but it once again makes a white woman the center of attention, and it completely throws off the tone of the film with it's sudden inclusion of sexual violence. I understand that the movie attempts to begin this storyline much earlier with hints of the events here and there, but it still does this badly.

Avoid this movie. It fucking sucks. It's so poorly written and conceived and just left a really bad taste in my mouth. Plus it tried to utilize Bikini Kill and failed miserably. Bikini Kill DID NOT deserve this.

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