Shutter ★½

There were two things I liked in Shutter. The first was a scene in which the only lighting was from the constant flash of a camera. It was pretty generic and has been done a billion times, but it was still enjoyable. The second one was as follows: at one point an apparition is on a ladder. I didn't care for the apparitions design or for the scene in general, but the way the director had the apparition move on said ladder was extremely creepy and we'll executed.

I kind of hated the rest of the film. Not scary in the slightest, an incredible over reliance on jump scares, both visual and audio. The performances were stale, and the story was extremely generic. Even when they tried to throw a twist in the mix, it was just so obvious.

Really was hoping to enjoy this one. I had seen a stellar review for it from someone I follow pretty closely on here, but I just found it to be pretty dreadful. Probably better than the American remake though.

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