Six Degrees of Separation ★★★½

The worst thing I can say about Six Degrees of Separation is that it doesn't have enough Will Smith. He is charismatic and has some great dialogue. But the film mostly pertains to how his trickery affects some affluent white couple. The idea of the film was worrying me a little, but I shouldn't have had any fear.

Donald Sutherland had a great performance in this and has a really good driven into madness storyline. Ian McKellen also has a smaller role that is just delightful as well as a very young Heather Graham who actually plays the most heartbreaking and sympathetic person in the film. But of course Will Smith blows everyone out of the water. He is an actor who can at least be enjoyable even with a terrible script, but when he is coupled with a good script, sparks fly.

The best part of the film however is the dialogue. I laughed out loud at the pure absurdity of the rich people's dialogue very often. Absurd but strangely grounded in reality, Six Degrees is an extremely entertaining watch.