Skate Kitchen ★★

Really sad I didn't enjoy Skate Kitchen. Starring real life crew members of the Skate Kitchen skateboarding group, I was really pumped to see a film with female skaters as central characters.

However the acting is pretty poor. I'm usually a big fan of amateur actors portraying regular people because it feels more grounded and their responses are more genuine, but with Skate Kitchen every scene was either too over the top or with no inspiration whatsoever. It gets especially bad when the film decides to push a really dumb argument over nothing as the central driving force as the plot, and the scene in which it all culminates is supposed to be hard hitting and gut wrenching. Unfortunately it begins to fall into the category of laughably bad.

The sound mixing is also pretty terrible in the film, especially when the group is just wandering through the streets of the city. I understand and appreciate wanting to capture the sounds and essence of the place you are filming, but when you can't hear any of your characters talking very well over the sounds of taxis honking their horn, maybe look into ADR.

Jaden Smith was no joke the best part of the film and at least competently acted. So good job Jaden.

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