Son of Batman

Superhero Movies Ranked

A lot to dislike in this one honestly. Damian Wayne as a character is just way too annoying to get any possible semblance of a competent character arc out of him. The groundwork for an interesting dynamic between these two wealthy characters who had complete opposite upbringings, but I couldn't handle watching any scene with Damian without rolling my eyes.

The power level of Damian is also much too high to be enjoyable. He goes toe to toe with Nightwing and does too well. Its just really annoying how they write him as like a 16 or 17 year old boy, but he is literally 10, and they just say stuff like he was battle hardened as a child. Okay but he is still literally 10.

I have seen Batman Bad Blood which I believe is the ending to the kind of trilogy that is Son of Batman, Batman Vs. Robin, and Batman Bad Blood and I enjoyed that one, so hopefully I will enjoy Batman Vs. Robin also, but god this one was a stinker.