Swing Kids

Swing Kids ★★★★

An absolute breath of fresh air, Swing Kids brings new life into films about dance. Using a fantastic combination of choreography and cinematography, the film is able to capture seemingly the pure essence of dance and the use of it to build bridges between cultures.

There are some goofy things in the film to be sure. Near the beginning of the film, our lead character does a dance extremely fast, and they utilize CG to make it inhumanly fast. That was definitely weird and out of nowhere. I can definitely say that it didn't make the film better but it was so brief that it didn't hurt it too badly either.

The performances by all are pretty great, and it is really interesting to see as K-Pop stars transition into film. D.O. has definitely proven himself both in this film and in the sequel to Along with the Gods. It will be really interesting to see where he goes from here. He might be on the same level of some other South Korean actors, but still may be able to be a leading star in years to come.

The film is able to capture harrowing situations effortlessly while also being jovial and mostly kind hearted. A lot of the interactions between team members are really sweet, and I thoroughly enjoyed every scene with them.

The emphasis of lower body capturing in the cinematography is where the film shines the most, taking big chunks of its run time to solely focus on the footwork of its dances. It makes the dancing so much more enjoyable and has some really great tracking shots in the film.

Also the ending of this film blew me out of the water. Just... Wow. I love South Korean film a whole lot and am really glad to have seen this one.

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