The Dark Crystal ★★★★½

I REALLY FUCKING LOVE puppets. I keep meaning to learn to be a puppeteer or at the very least work with puppets, but I also work upwards of 70 hours a week so whenever I'm not at work I'm too tired to do anything. But one day I will do something with my life. For now, I have the incredible works of Henson and Oz to vicariously live through.

While the story is a little underutilized and there isn't quite enough characterization in the film, The Dark Crystal represents the very best of visual world building. No explanation given for a lot of creatures or scenes other than what you can infer from the scenery and the passing dialogue. So many great species and sets are in this film, it is an absolute visual feast.

There also is the very common theme of double sidedness of ourselves that is prominent in a lot of entertainment facets, but is perfectly done in this film. Not hammered in extremely hard, but ever present in every scene and every bit of dialogue, seemingly looming over our leads like a dark shadow, the past they had nothing to do with but that constantly haunts them. The past that killed their species. The path that sent the world into disrepair. And these two characters that seem almost like the personification of the word Underdog, against all types of evil, trying to mend the world. The Dark Crystal is an incredible film with incredible puppets, world building, and sets.

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