The Happiness of the Katakuris ★★★

So somehow I ended up watching this film as my first Miike film. Which I find really funny. Not Audition, not Ichi the Killer. No instead I chose a loose remake of the Kim Jee-woon film The Quiet Family. But what if it was a musical instead?

Unfortunately when adapting the story, some of the magic of the original and a lot of the humor was lost. The performances aren't as iconic, and there weren't as many laugh out loud moments as The Quiet Family. However, there are moments that this film really shines. The musical sections are just plain delightful in the film. They are all well done, and while a little on the short side, thoroughly enjoyable. There is also some moments of the film of stop motion animation that are really fun as well. It really is just a more zany and nonsensical retelling of its South Korean counter part, and while not quite as good, still an enjoyable film that has merits of its own. Now I should PROBABLY finally watch Miike's other works.