The Others ★★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 15

I was terrified of so many films as a child. I couldn't watch most horror films, except for The Others. I'm not really sure what made The Others different, but it was probably through the fact that there aren't actually very many scares in the film. Instead it relies on growing tension and dread throughout the entire film. And that is where, even watching it probably 14 years later, the film excels.

The small cries of children that aren't there, an open door that always remains locked, the curtains being pulled apart; The Others has a great deal of ambience it builds inside the world. Nicole Kidman does an excellent performance in the film, even if she is pretty evil as well. The caretakers roles are all also pretty well performed. In fact the performances all around are relatively good, except unfortunately the kids. Now not all of their scenes are bad, and there are some genuine moments of fright to be had from their cryptic words and performances. But the day to day scenes are just poorly done by them and it does pretty negatively affect the film.

As well as some poor performances, the film suffers from the need to jump scare its audience. Loud noises in the soundtrack when nothing is actually happening are the biggest offense. Or even when a scare does occur, it is lessened by the soundtrack. But even still, the old lady in the gown scene is still pretty haunting and I have realized writing this review in the dark at 2 am was a bad idea so I'm done now BYEEEE.