The Return of the Living Dead ★★★½

Weekly Film Club Vol. 15

I think the most important thing I could POSSIBLY say about this film is that the character Spider also plays the Voodoo Maestro in the Scooby-Doo live action film. So thats amazing.

Return of the Living Dead is super campy, cheesy, endearing, and genuinely horrifying at times. Some brilliant practical effects are used throughout the film and it truly is able to capture the essence of a horror comedy.

Honestly most of the films horror doesn't come from jump scares or even creature design (the creature design definitely helps though), but instead comes from the slow destruction of two characters minds and souls into something else entirely. Not only is it horrifying, but it's always pretty heart breaking.

I'm probably checking out the sequels in the future, even if I have heard mixed things about them. I need more zombies in my life!