Thunder Road ★★★

Enjoyable, but plagued with the worst type of amateurness. A weak script when it comes to anything other than the films defining scenes pulls the film down. It has some great scenes with well delivered dialogue by Jim Cummings, but then it also has scenes that are the complete opposite.

I found most of the acting to be pretty lackluster besides our lead, especially when looking at his ex or his best friend. They werent terrible, but something didn't click correctly, whether that was the direction or the delivery.

It also felt somewhat padded, despite its short runtime. At one point he takes a detour to his sister's house that takes up like 10 to 15 minutes of screen time, and that was easily the film at its worst. Poorly written dialogue that ended up just being the same old "different kids see their parents differently" line. Nothing was new and nothing was gained. Just felt like a wasted scene.

But when it's not doing things like that, the film is good. The dance at the beginning has this amazing quality of somehow being haunting, funny, cringey, and a little hopeful all at the same time. Cummings has a great face for emoting pain and sadness and happiness and is able to do that very well in the most intense moments of the film. At rhe very least this film made me want to watch his previous anthology film Minutes, and I am hopeful for his future films.

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