Tokyo Tribe ★★★★★

My third watch of Tokyo Tribe and it has continued to solidify its place as one of my favorite films. I understand the complaints about the film. Even when it is trying to dismantle toxic masculinity through being hyper masculine and sometimes misogynistic, it can be a hard watch for some. But if you can get through it, you will find an INCREDIBLY funny film which walks the line of stupidity and wokeness.

Every character is so fucking interesting a charming and every gang has the beats to back them up. Nerimuthafuckerz, Gira Gira Girls, THE WARU, I love them all. I also am in love with like every single song. Maybe its because my sense of style and music and comedy is just kind of offbeat and it just happens that everything in this film perfectly aligns with it, but I fucking love this movie so much.

I believe it is now available to watch on Prime, and if not its like 5 bucks for a digital copy on amazon. Trust me, its worth it.

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