Treasure Planet ★★★★

Weekly Film Club Vol. 13

Somehow watching Treasure Planet, you just have an inherent knowledge that this film is from 2002. Whether it is from the animation style, to the weird music choices, or the single music montage in the film. Treasure Planet is unabashedly 2002. And it is great.

I love the visual aesthetic of the film. Not just the main members of the cast or the ship they sail in, but the random background characters at the spaceport or the lesser focused on crew of their vessel are also great. Some real creativity was thrown into these and I really loved seeing them.

I think that some of the pacing is a little wonky and the introduction of the robot character in like the 3rd act was a strange choice for a film. However I personally find him a welcome addition to the film and just would habe preferred them to insert him somewhere earlier in the story. Also I wish I had the main characters weird rocket powered wind surf board.

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