Yesterday ★½

2019 Ranked

Danny Boyle has truly made a film.

This Film of course being a being the aggressively bad Yesterday. With some endearing performances sprinkled throughout, the biggest problem of the film comes the ipod on shuffle fast forwarding through songs mentality. I'm not sure if they finished more than maybe like one song the entire film, instead just showing like 2 lines from it.

Don't worry, the film also has some top tier dialogue. My favorite was the woman who said, and I QUOTE, "the world is infinitely worse without The Beatles." Yeah I don't think The Beatles are bad or anything but thats a fucking stretch. Which is just the downfall of the entire film. Danny Boyle is to busy jerking off The Beatles he forget to make a good movie.

Also Ed Sheeran was extremely obnoxious in the film, and I don't even mind Ed Sheeran. Just a big old dud all around. I love Lily James though.